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UV Based Vacuum Metallising / Metalizing Coatings:

Base Coat, Top Coat & Thinner For
Plastics : ABS , HIPS , Polystyrene ( PS ) , Poly Carbonate , Poly propylene ( PP)


Vacuum Metallising / Metalizing Coatings: 

Base Coat, Top Coat & Thinner Vacuum Metallising/Metalizing For Plastics 
Metal, Glass & Ceramics  Coating on Plastics: We offer high quality Acrylic, PU & UV coatings suitable for Plastics.


UV Coating

We offer a wide range of UV (Ultra Violet) curable coatings for all types of plastics. 

UV Glossy Clear Lacquer 
UV Matt Clear Lacquer
UV Pigment Coatings


UV Mono Coat Matt Series  ABS , HIPS , ABS , Polycarbonate


UV Mono Coat Metallic Black Mono Coat Solid Colours

PP Pretreatment primer


Polyurethane PU Coating (2k System)

Helmet, Electrical switch, Plastic  Coating, Cosmetic PP/ABS caps

Epoxy  PU  Chloro Rubber  



Metal Coating:  Clear Coat  Metallic  Mono Coat Solid Colours



UV Clear Coats For Plastics 
ABS, HIPS, ABS, Polycarbonate, PVC, Metals

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